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What Makes the Sarnacki Law Firm Different

Honest Advice

When you choose the Sarnacki Law Firm to represent you during this difficult time, we will lead with empathy, but we will always be honest about what the process will be moving forward as well as what the potential outcomes may be. During a time when you may be dealing with a great deal of dishonesty, we want to be your source of truth.

Creative Solutions

Just because something worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. That is why we approach every case with an eye towards creative solutions. Oftentimes, the best solution is the one that hasn’t been done before. When you hire us to help you with a separation, we will find the right solution for you.

Effective Advocacy

All of the honest advice and creative solutions in the world don’t mean anything without the experience necessary to actually get you the results you need. With more than 35 years of experience in family and divorce law, the Sarnacki Law Firm in Grand Rapids pairs innovation with hard-won experience to provide you with effective advocacy.

What is a Separation?

While other states allow for a legal separation where spouses are living separately and may or may not be responsible for paying support, Michigan is different in that there is not a legally defined separation. A couple may ask the court for separate maintenance. With separate maintenance, the couple is still married even though they may live separately. Property, spousal support, and child support and visitation all still need to be decided. If both parties agree to the terms, the process of separate maintenance can be relatively painless. But if there are disagreements or there is a great deal of property to deal with, having an attorney is a good idea.

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Is a Separation Right For Me?

When you contact the Sarnacki Law Firm in Grand Rapids, we can schedule a consultation between you and our family law attorney. During the consultation, the attorney will ask you a lot of questions about what has happened and what you will need during the separation. With that information, they will provide you with a number of options that fit your circumstances. Separation may be the only option for people whose religion doesn’t allow for divorce, and it may also be an option if one member of the couple is receiving health care or other benefits from the other spouse.

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What is a Separation?

  • A separation may be the only way to extricate yourself from an unhappy marriage without violating a religious obligation.
  • A separation allows the members of a marriage to live separately while still potentially retaining some of the benefits of their union.

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Contact the Sarnacki Law Firm today for more information about divorce or separate maintenance. We can set up a consultation with our family law attorney so that you can get the information you need to make the right decision for yourself and the future of your marriage.

Alternatives to a Legal Separation


If separate maintenance won’t work for you, arbitration could be an alternative. With arbitration, the couple hires a private judge to help them determine the best way to handle a divorce. With arbitration, you are allowed a far greater deal of privacy than with a traditional divorce.


If a couple wishes to split amicably, mediation can be a faster and cleaner option than a divorce. During mediation, a neutral third party works with the couple to come to an agreement about property, support, and children. During mediation, it is still a good idea to have an attorney in order to best protect your interests.

Simplified Divorce

If you are seeking a separation because you think it may be less messy or complicated than a divorce, there are alternatives to the traditional divorce. A simplified divorce is a streamlined divorce that is a perfect fit for couples without children, couples who don’t own a home, or couples who are not seeking support from the other.

Experience and Empathy

Seeking a separation or a divorce is not an easy decision, nor is it a decision that people make lightly. That is why it is so important that you find a divorce attorney who understands the different kinds of divorce and separations. The Sarnacki Law Firm has the experience that will help you get what you need with as little frustration as possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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