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Fault & No-Fault Divorce

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What Makes The Sarnacki Law Firm The Right Choice For You

Honest Advice

A lawyer should always be your ultimate source of truth when you are undergoing any kind of legal proceeding. Their honesty is especially important when it comes to matters of family law and divorce. At the Sarnacki Law Firm in Grand Rapids, we will always provide you with honest advice based on our experience in, and knowledge of, the legal system.

Creative Solutions

What sets a good lawyer apart from a great lawyer is their creativity. Divorces are never cut-and-dry. Instead, they are each completely unique and worthy of special attention. When a great lawyer finds a better way to help their client, it comes from a place of creativity. Let the Sarnacki Law Firm represent you during your divorce. The creative solutions we find could make the process, and what comes after, better.

Effective Advocacy

The cornerstone of any law practice is effective advocacy. The Sarnacki Law Firm is built around Dave Sarnacki’s experience and willingness to do what is right for his clients. In order to make sure that he is always leading with their interests in mind, he will take the time to ask you questions, understand your needs, and then pursue them diligently.

The First Step To Take When You’ve Decided To Get A Divorce

If you have decided your marriage needs to end, it is important that you find an attorney. While every couple wishes they could handle their divorce without involving lawyers, if you want to make sure you get what is owed to you, a lawyer is the best way to make that happen. When you hire an attorney, they will get the facts and then provide guidance about the decisions you’ll need to make. If you are going to get divorced, contact the Sarnacki Law Firm. Our attorney has decades of experience in family law and divorce law and he will provide you with effective advocacy that can make a difficult time easier to handle.

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What Is A No-Fault Divorce?

A no-fault divorce is any divorce in which the married couple cannot agree upon the major issues that are present when people get divorced. This can include, but is not limited to, the division of assets, child custody, child support, alimony, and more. While many divorces begin as contested divorces, the goal is to ultimately reach agreements on all issues large and small. Having an experienced attorney on your side can be a tremendous help here — they will be able to advocate on your behalf and they can help guide you towards making decisions that are as beneficial to you as possible.

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What Is A Fault Divorce?

A fault divorce is a divorce where the couple goes to court with an agreement about custody, assets, and support already in place. An uncontested divorce is possible when both parties are willing to compromise and work together to speed the process along. One of the best ways to increase the odds of an uncontested divorce is to work with an attorney with experience in family and divorce law. Dave Sarnacki and the Sarnacki Law Firm have been helping people with their divorces for decades. He will do everything he can to help you find a solution for the stumbling blocks in your divorce settlement.

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To learn more about the process of getting a divorce, or to schedule a consultation about your case, contact the Sarnacki Law Firm in Grand Rapids today.

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Ways To Settle Disputes During a Divorce

A default divorce is possible if one of the members of a couple will not communicate with the other, cannot be found, or does not respond to divorce paperwork.

A simplified divorce is designed for couples without children, a home they own together, or large debts. If you think you may meet these criteria, talk to our attorney today.

Arbitration is a process where a divorcing couple hires an independent judge to decide the final terms of a divorce. The process is more private, and less expensive, than other forms of divorce.

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Contact the Sarnacki Law Firm today to learn more about the options that are available to you as you begin the process of getting a divorce. Our firm will do everything possible to help you during this time by providing you with honest advice, creative solutions, and effective advocacy.

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