DIY divorces can seem like an ideal situation if you want to resolve a situation quickly yourself, without spending a lot of money. They can actually result in one or both parties being left very unhappy, without a fair resolution if legal advice is not sought. Here are just a few reasons why DIY divorces can be risky.

Things Can Get Nasty

We all hope that if we end up getting a divorce that things will end amicably. This isn’t always the case, however, and even though you may end on good terms, once you start negotiating your divorce agreements, issues may arise that make it difficult to resolve on your own. 

Not Knowing Details Can Hinder You

In open discussions with your spouse, you may feel as though you’re getting a fair deal, but an outside eye may be able to see something you’re missing. Oftentimes, emotions get in the way and spouses miss aspects of a DIY divorce that may mean they end up with the short end of the stick. After all those discussions and paperwork, do you really want to be missing out on something that is rightfully yours just because you didn’t know to look for it?

Negotiations Require Legal Know-How

You may have already decided on a resolution that you both feel is fair. But if one person is left feeling as though they’re not getting what they deserve with regards to alimony or other legal aspects of a divorce, navigating those conversations can not only be stressful and painful, but can open you up to legal implications that you’re not 100% happy with. 

Only Time Will Tell

Just because you may have worked your way through a collaborative divorce and agreed on settlements that are fair to both of you doesn’t mean that things won’t come up later down the line that you didn’t think of. Things can go wrong, or you just may not be as prepared as you thought you were when you do it yourself. It may seem as though everything is tied up and resolved, but undiscovered problems can creep up years down the line if all the i’s are not dotted and all the t’s are not crossed by a legal professional who knows what to look for.

Whilst DIY divorces are legal and possible, they’re definitely not recommended. These are just a few of the reasons why they’re risky, but there are many more we haven’t touched upon too.  Let us take the stress away from the legal aspects of your divorce, so you can focus on moving on and starting the next chapter of your life. Contact us at Sarnacki Law Firm to discuss what a divorce attorney can do to help you.