4 Signs It’s Time To Consider A Divorce sarnacki law grand rapids

Deciding if you should file for divorce can be a long and worrisome process, but there are some key signs that it’s time you should be having that serious discussion with your spouse. Whether you’re starting to make the decision and begin discussions yourself, or you’re both discussing a collaborative divorce, we’ve put together some signs to help you cement your decision. 

You’re Putting Yourself First 

Of course it’s important to put yourself first in any relationship. Afterall, you can’t make somebody else happy if you’re not meeting your own needs. However, if you once referred to your partner as “we” and “ours” and you’re now thinking of “I” and “me” only, something has shifted and your priorities have changed. Do you also find yourself trying to spend more alone time, or daydreaming about living a free life on your own? Then it’s time to consider divorce. 

There’s No More Trust

If the trust in your relationship has been broken on either end and it just won’t come back no matter how hard you try, the marriage will not work. Trust is one of the most important parts of a marriage so once that barrier has been built, it may not be possible to knock it back down.

You’re Not Being Yourself

If you’re hiding parts of yourself or pretending to be somebody else, it’s a sign that you need to question why. Most often, this is because you’ve changed during the course of your relationship and you no longer want to give your full self to your partner. If this is the case, it’s hard to go back on that and it may be time for a big change.

You Used To Argue, But Now You Don’t

If you used to argue all the time, whether it was over big things or small things, and now you just don’t have the energy, that’s a sure sign that you’ve given up. Once you no longer care enough to hold an argument, it’s time to consider if the marriage is something you’re wanting to keep hold of. 

It’s always going to be painful to discuss divorce with your spouse, but having a divorce attorney on your side can make the process run a little smoother, so you can focus on moving on with the rest of your life. Sarnacki Law Firm in Grand Rapids is waiting for your call.